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What is it About Books?

My husband recently asked me why I like reading so much more than watching television. He doesn’t enjoy reading at all so he doesn’t understand why I always have my nose buried in a book. I thought the answer would be obvious and easy to explain, but it wasn’t quite so simple when I tried to articulate.

For me the biggest difference is the emotion I feel when reading. I have never cried while watching a movie or television show. It doesn’t matter how sad or heartwarming the show is, I am always an observer. It’s that aspect that keeps me separated from the story; I feel like an outsider looking in. With a good book, I am fully drawn into the story as though I were experiencing it firsthand. I recently read a book that was so emotional I was literally weeping. My poor children had no idea why I was sobbing so uncontrollably.

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5,000 Sales!

I can’t tell you how many times in the past few months I’ve wished for a few more hours each day, not a lot, just one or two would be perfect. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the week to finish all of the writing I’d like to, and when you add marketing my book, a full time “real” job (as much as I love writing it doesn’t pay the bills), and taking care of kids—well, as you can imagine I’m exhausted a lot of the time. Today however, I’m too excited to be tired. I have officially hit 5,000 sales of Bound by Blood. Wooo Hooo!

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The Fever Series

Normally I don't do this, but have you ever read a book that you just felt you needed to tell the world about--that's how I feel about the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I finished the last book in the series last night and I can't stop thining about it. So I thought I'd share my review of Shadowfever:


Chaos defined: Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

Shadowfever is perfectly written chaos. It is absolutely unpredictable; the satisfying culmination of every dangling storyline and question left unanswered in the first four books. Yet, none of the answers are what you’ll expect. You’ll climb a winding staircase high into the bright sky, only to realize you’ve actually taken an elevator into a dark underground cavern. Nothing is what it seems and nothing is foreseeable. Karen Marie Moning writes like she’s weaving a complex tapestry, everything appears random and chaotic. However, appearances can be deceiving. In books one through four she’s only showing us the back of the piece, then at just the right moment she turns it over and we can finally see the amazing picture she’s created. It’s at that moment we realize, none of it was random.

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The Myth of the 28 year old Virgin...

I read a lot. Most of what I read falls into the romance genre, mainly paranormal, but I’ll read anything with romance in it. So I thought I would share today my biggest pet peeve in a romance novel—the 28year old virgin. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that a heroine is a virgin will not stop me from enjoying any novel I read. In fact, a few of my favorite books have virginal heroines approaching their thirties. But why? I don’t get it. Why is the presence of a hymen such a popular requirement in this genre?


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And The Winner Is...

So the contest for the Kindle 3g or Nook was drawn earlier today and the winner is Ronda from Queen Tutt's World of Escapism at

The contest was conducted by and the details can be found at

I would like to thank everybody who participated in the contest. I was amazed by the amount of entries, and the wonderful reviews everyone posted. Also, I will be posting a new contest within the next few weeks so be sure to check out my website for details.